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Core - MCQ - Design Engineering

Technical Skills


For core engineers who are passionate about the analysis and design of any product or system.


Are you aware that the maket for Engineering Design & 3D Printing technologies is growing at a 21% rate anually?

Jobs available in market today associated with these skills include Manufacturing Engineer, Mechanical Design Engineer, Model Maker and so on.

If you wish to build a career in this prestigious industry and become a part of Mechanical R&D, proceed with out test to find out where you stand. For a final year student, our final assessments which reflect on your job profiLe would come up in Nov-Dec, 2019.

Meanwhile, use this opportunity to take up the practice assessments to prepare yourself for the final one.
  • Test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions and each question has four choices and with only one right answer.
  • Correct answer has a weightage of one mark.
  • One-third mark will be deducted for a wrong answer.
  • For a question that aren't attempted, zero marks will be awarded.