Health and Well-being

Health and well-being is a very diverse topic and, with the correct education, can improve how you function in your personal life and your workplace. What steps are you taking to understand and improve your mental and physical state? At Go1, we bring together a wide range of health and well-being courses from top global providers, covering every aspect from effective stress management to mindfulness.

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Featured courses
Interaction Training
Time and stress management
30 mins
Mindfulness at Work
2 hrs
The Mental Health Project
Mental Health Awareness for Employees
40 mins
eLearning Brothers
Stress Management
30 mins
Mental Health & Wellbeing
1 hr 35 mins
Catalyst online learning portal
The power of self-reflection
1 hr
Sarder Learning
Turning Challenges Into Opportunities
32 mins
eLearning Brothers
Work - Life Balance
30 mins
Emerald Works
Wellbeing 101 from Emerald Works
1 hr
Emerald Works
Resilience 101 from Emerald Works
1 hr
Morning Yoga Kickstart
2 hrs 33 mins
The Mental Health Project
Mental Health Awareness for Managers
45 mins