Devops, Networking and Security

In today’s world of escalating cyberattacks and increased security regulations, it’s important that teams have at least a basic understanding of DevOps, networking and security and how they’re intertwined. At Go1, we bring together a wide range of online training resources in this area to help businesses overcome day-to-day IT infrastructure challenges and improve communication and collaboration between teams.

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Featured courses
Sonic Performance Support
Cyber Security Awareness
1 hr
Sonic Performance Support
Networking Essentials
8 hrs 14 mins
Prositions, Inc.
Digital Literacy - Applications & Trouble Shooting
30 mins
365 Careers
Blockchain for Business
8 hrs
Inspired eLearning
Security Awareness Training for Working Remotely
21 hrs
Inspired eLearning
Baseline Information Security Training for IT Professionals
46 mins
LearnNow Online
Amazon Cloud Practitioner, Part 1 of 7: Intro to Cloud Computing
1 hr 35 mins
Prositions, Inc.
Digital Literacy - Social Networking & Security
33 mins
LearnNow Online
Amazon Cloud Practitioner, Part 2 of 7: EC2 and Firewalls
1 hr 27 mins
LearnNow Online
Amazon Web Services, Part 1 of 8: Basics
2 hrs 54 mins
IT Security
1 hrs
Stone River eLearning
Certified Blockchain Solutions Architect
7 hrs