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Data & analytics knowledge is essential for every business to allow them to have a deep understanding of how their business is currently performing to help them predict future trends and develop effective strategies. Go1 brings together a wide range of online training materials covering all aspects of Data & Analytics such as data interpretation and Python software tutorials.

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Featured courses
Learn It! Anytime
Mastering Data Analysis
51 mins
Introduction to Data Science
3 hrs
Stone River eLearning
Complete Introduction to Business Data Analysis
4 hrs 30 mins
Data Visualization with Python: The Complete Guide
7 hrs 22 mins
Effective Data Management
32 mins
Big Data: Good for the Customer, Not Just the Business
5 hrs 17 mins
365 Careers
R programming for Statistics and Data Science
10 hrs
Basic Statistics and Data Mining for Data Science
3 hrs
LearnNow Online
Power Pivot, Part 1 of 5: Data Models
2 hrs 48 mins
Advanced Statistics and Data Mining for Data Science
3 hrs
Cutting Edge eLearning Solutions
Data Science For Beginners
12 hrs 54 mins
LearnNow Online
OWASP, Part 4 of 4: Misconfiguration and Data Encryption
3 hrs 49 mins